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  1. It’s as if there’s a fight going on between upvoting a strong piece of “misinformation” and downvoting a badass piece of art. The OP will be kicked off the sub in the near future.

    Edit: Haha, just keep refreshing the thread after you’ve opened it. The NPCs are at a loss about what to do!

  2. As a result, the communist conspiracy monster is in charge of our minds by media manipulation, pandemic propaganda, and vaccinations. It’s neat… a little dumb, but it’s neat looking.

    Vibrations of Zion’s elders’ protocols

  3. Remember when artists were the ones who dared to challenge authority and used their art to make their point? Pepperidge Farm recalls the past.

    Seeing this wonderful piece gives me a sense of hope.

  4. Thank you for the re-post. It’s an interesting work of art.

    It’s interesting how the people in the OP want to blame the artist for what goes on in their heads. Imagine the terror of not being able to control what goes on inside your brain.

  5. There is so much going on in this image that it seems as if one large collective energy is using the weak and sleeping beings to get what it needs, while the “awake” beings, on the other hand, are a little stuck with it.
    The weed is taking its toll, but the light in the back of this massive creation may be… the be itself.

    Time and meaningless knowledge paralyze all.

  6. This is fantastic. I like how the fence needle divides everybody. This whole drawing depicts what’s going on.

    Wow, he’s getting a lot of upvotes! A small step in the right direction.

  7. Take a look at the demon’s robe.

    Also, according to the artist, the hammer and sickle are supposed to represent Saturn; can anyone see it or establish a connection?

  8. This is an incredible price for art, and it is extremely thought provoking! I’m hoping that it would appeal to people who are open-minded enough to appreciate it.

  9. At the very least, the angels are begging for our help. Some people on both sides seem to have their third eye open? In any case, it’s cool artwork. It’s possible to understand this in a variety of ways.

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