Frog pose, Scott Feringa, charcoal pencil, 2021

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  1. Is this anything more than a decent charcoal drawing that has gotten a lot of love because it features a woman in an overly sexual pose? What makes this special, aside from the fact that it features a nude woman?

  2. Exceptionally well done. I appreciate how the hair feels natural and tangly, as if you could brush it if you tried hard enough, which is difficult to express. Keep up the excellent work.

  3. Was this accomplished by studying a model or a photograph?

    Artists’ ability to capture human anatomy never ceases to amaze me. I’m not an artist, but I really like how you did her upper arm; the triceps look very real to me.

  4. Something I still ponder when it comes to modern art. How do I know it wasn’t created by picture tracing?

    Sure, it’d still take a lot of skill, but it’d be a lot easier than doing a live pose.

  5. I’m very impressed by how natural her leg proportions are! It’s an odd pose, so I’m sure getting it right was difficult. Stunning job all around!

  6. There aren’t enough highlights and there are so many mid tones. Without going into too much detail, I’d suggest there is a proper way to include nudity and even sexuality in art, and this isn’t it. Look up Ivan Alifan’s work for some contemporary sexually charged art inspiration. This is the kind of sloppy nudity I don’t like seeing on this sub.

  7. This is fantastic, but I have a question. When I zoom in, the two halves of the face seem to be at opposite angles, but when I zoom out, they look perfect. Perhaps this is why I am unable to create good images on my own. I based my calculations on the specifics rather than how it appears from afar. Can anyone explain what’s going on with the face angles in this picture?

  8. I adore the tiny muscle accents in the shoulders. The model has a physical attractiveness as well as a loveliness about her, as you can see. It reminds me a little of late-nineteenth-century Akmakjian photography.

  9. This is a fantastic piece of work. It’s incredibly difficult to get the curves and proportions of a nude body just right.

    To be honest, her type appears to be a little wonky, but art imitates life, and sexy forms do tend to get wonky.

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