Anthony Bourdain, Me, Watercolor, 2020

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  1. We have so many end caps of sanitizer clearanced out it’s not funny.

    Can’t get rid of hand sanitizer, but wipes from the chemical aisle cannot keep those shelves stocked.

  2. This strikes a chord with me. I can feel his anguish and hardships when I look at this, and I’ll never forget his charm and insights. He was a living legend.

  3. To comment on this topic, I created a Reddit account. The work is very stunning.

    Things like this make me realize that humanity isn’t utterly doomed. Thank you so much for taking the time to share this information.

  4. I created a Reddit account solely for the purpose of leaving a comment on this topic. Work that is very stunning.

    Things like this serve as a reminder that humanity isn’t utterly doomed. Thank you very much for providing this information.

  5. I’m about to complete Kitchen Confidential. There’s a passage when he talks about someone else’s suicide, and it tears your heart to know what happened to him.

  6. This is a stunning piece! After finishing No Reservations, I’ve been rewatching Parts Unknown, and this photo reminded me of my favorite statement from him: “Perhaps knowing that there is no final resting place for the mind, no moment of smug clarity, is enough enlightenment. Perhaps knowledge is seeing how insignificant and foolish I am, and how far I still have to go.”

  7. It’s one thing to capture his likeness so well. To do so with water color takes it to a whole other level. But holy crap, capturing the emotive look here.

    I’m taken aback. Excellent work.

  8. This appeals to me. He was a fan of In & Out Burger. In & Out Burger was a hit with me. It was enjoyable for both of us. He passed away. I switched to a vegetarian diet. We no longer appreciate In & Out Burger.

  9. Can I inquire as to why so many people adore him? Apart from his trip show, I don’t know anything about him. People love him as if he were a musician.

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